Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wichita Music Teachers Group?

Wichita Music Teachers Group is a community of local music instructors who strive for excellence in music education across a variety of disciplines. We are not just a directory of teachers, but a select group of experts who have been thoroughly vetted. Our partner teachers have a passion for learning and truly enjoy teaching music. Through comprehensive music instruction, we enrich the lives and minds of our students and prepare them for success at school and in life.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are billed monthly, like a gym membership. The current rate for typical half-hour lessons is $87.00 per month. If you would like lessons for multiple children/adults, you'll receive a discounted rate based on the number of students enrolled. (Typically, you'll save about 10%!)

Are there any discounts?

Yes. In addition to the discount mentioned above, We offer other ways to save on the cost of lessons:
1) If you purchase 10 lessons in advance, you'll receive 10% off your total bill.
2) If you want to save even more, you can purchase lessons in advance for an entire academic semester (20 weeks) and receive 15% off your total bill. If you choose this option, please let us know if you have any scheduling conflicts (such as a winter or spring vacation) so that we may work around them in advance.

Can the teacher come to my home for lessons?

Yes! This is our most popular option. There is a small fee for this based on travel distance (usually around $10.) Your teacher will answer any questions about the travel fee during your first free lesson.

Can I have a free trial?

Yes. Your first lesson is free. If you feel that your first teacher isn't a good fit, let us know. We'll try again with a new teacher.

How do I sign up?

Contact us by filling out our online form or call us at 316-609-6598. We will answer your questions and recommend one of our partner teachers in your area. The teacher will contact you (usually the same day) and set up a free first lesson. After the first lesson, we will work with you to set up billing.

What if I cancel a lesson?

Our policy is simple:

  • If you let us know at least a week in advance of the lesson, or if your teacher cancels a lesson, you receive a refund.
  • If you cancel a lesson with less than a week's notice, you'll be responsible for the cost of that lesson. Before you cancel, call your teacher. He or she may be able to reschedule the lesson at a better time.
  • Emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis by your teacher.
  • For those who select the "Full Academic Semester" option, all skipped lessons must be scheduled in advance of the beginning of the 20-week term. After the term begins, only teacher-initiated cancellations will be refunded.

How long are lessons?

Most lessons are 30 minutes long. Depending on the age and ability of the student, you may want a longer lesson. (Many children under the age of 6 are better off with 30-minute lessons.)

Where are lessons held?

Lessons can be held at a teacher's home, studio, or at your own home. Let us know what you prefer!

What instruments do you teach?

We offer lessons for:

  • piano
  • organ
  • keyboard
  • acoustic guitar
  • electric guitar
  • bass guitar
  • classical guitar
  • voice
  • mandolin
  • ukelele
  • accordion
  • ...and more!

If your instrument is not listed here, let us know in the online form, and we'll find a teacher for you.

Do you have a standard curriculum that all the teachers use?

No. Our teachers use a variety of methods. Some teachers offer traditional instruction (such as Bastien and Alfred's methods for piano.) Others offer the formal training of Suzuki, suitable for instruments such as the violin. Others teach with a more relaxed, informal method. Additionally, our teachers participate in workshops to master new teaching methods and techniques. We'll match the teacher to your learning style and preferences.

What if I don't like the teacher?

We understand that not every teacher is always a good match with every student. If you decide at any time that your teacher isn't working out, let us know. We'll work together to find a solution, even if that includes finding a different teacher.

Do you only teach children? Am I too old?

You're never too old! Our students range in age from 3 years old to 81 years young.

Is my child too young for lessons?

The earliest age to begin lessons for most instruments is 3 years old. Young guitar students might find it easier to play ukulele for a while before graduating to a full sized guitar. If your child is very young but ready to learn, fill out our online form. We'll find the perfect teacher for him or her.

What if my child has special needs?

All partner teachers are prepared to teach children of various ability levels and special needs. Please contact us to find out more.

My two children are interested in different instruments. Do I have to pay two teachers?

No. Many of our instructors are proficient on multiple instruments. We'll help you select someone who can teach the lessons you need.

How much do books cost?

The standard method books, (Alfred's Basic Piano Lesson Books, for example) are provided for free! Depending on the instrument, additional books and other learning materials can cost from $10 to $20 every few months. Your teacher will recommend specific materials for your lessons. You can purchase them from your teacher, online, or from a local store.

How do I know my kids are safe and learning well with their teacher?

All of our partner teachers must pass a yearly nationwide background check, and we'll e-mail you the those results before you meet your teacher. Our teachers are also screened based on general aptitude, personality, and ability to work well with children. People lacking in any of these areas are not permitted to join our team.

How do I pay for lessons?

You can pay through PayPal, Visa/Mastercard, or check. We'll send you an invoice (by mail or e-mail) once you've begun lessons.

Do you have a referral policy?

Yes! For every student you refer who signs up for lessons, we'll credit you $20.00 off your next invoice. Let us know the names of people you've referred; we'll thank you with a discount as soon as they sign up.

Can I just meet the teacher first?

Yes. Your entire first lesson is completely free. We won't send you an invoice until you have begun regular lessons.

Can you help me decide which instrument to rent or buy?

Yes. Just contact us, and we'll be happy to answer any and all of your instrument-related questions.

How do I get started?

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