Students and Parents Sing our Praises

Our teacher was the perfect fit for my young, active son. His fun but firm style, comprehensive methods (including chord theory and ear training), patience, warm and gentle disposition...all of it added up to an A+ teacher! He connects with young children and values them. He sees a child's potential and knows how to foster a relationship with them to bring that out.

-Monique B.


We have had a variety of other teachers, and none compared to this one. He was able to inspire my son, keep him challenged, and guide him to perform amazing music in a relatively short time. In addition to being a talented musician, he is perceptive as a teacher. He was able to hone in on who my son is as a learner, and supplied the exact musical challenges that interested and inspired him. We would recommend him without reservation.

-Susan R.


Our teacher was fun and followed my son's interests. He met him at his level and brought him to new learning, introducing him to great songs and techniques.

-Amy P.


"My teacher gets an 11 out of 10! He is a great teacher and he's awesome."

-Portia W. (age 11)

Our teacher takes the time to truly understand his student's psyches and has an intuitive sense of how to gain their understanding and engagement. After having worked with several music teachers that had not reached my children's interest, I was deeply grateful to watch my children gain appreciation and even sit down to play for fun of their own volition.

-Cyndy K.


Our teacher is a bargain at any price! He is a very good teacher and really tries to understand the person he is teaching so that he can teach them better.

-Melissa K.

Our teacher makes music lessons fun! He keeps his musical lessons relevant to topics the kids are studying in school and is fantastic with children. We watched our daughters progress year after year! He is kind, trustworthy, punctual, and very knowledgable about music and theory. He has a natural ease around children and holds their interest.

-Maggie G.


Our teacher is passionate about music and genuinely cares about his students and their progress. I liked the way he would challenge the boys during lessons. Instead of just providing the answers, he would encourage them to think first so they could discover the answer themselves. Music is hard work, especially for young kids. Our teacher has figured out the right kind of methodology whereby the kids are challenged but not so much that they are unable to progress.

-Andrew F.